The Numinous Cosmos

Milky Way - Cherry Springs

In a giant room full of loud machines

men and women sit or stand over

their labors, working together to

build what was once impossible.

It’s a dream in plastic and carbon

fiber, a wish built on a strong titanium

framework. They strive with tools

and minds to break home ties

with this Earth, just dipping toes in the

cosmic ocean no longer thrilling.

They want to swim.

The man of the hour stands there

in front of cameras and a chattering

crowd of young and old, all genders

and races.

A curtain drawn showcases the labors of

these technicians and scientists, a smooth

capsule swept off of the pages of a

science fiction novel-its landing gear

extended, impressive rockets ready for

concrete or red sand. The statement:

One more step on the path to immortality

out there among the awaiting stars.


In a tree, among the flies and…

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