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Archie Tucker | Apache-Sitgreaves NF Archie Tucker | Apache-Sitgreaves NF

From our friends at the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests:

For the next several months, visitors to the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests may encounter employees and contractors conducting National Visitor Use Monitoring in Forest Service recreation areas. Well-trained interviewers wearing bright orange vests are stationed at some trailheads and roadsides near signs signaling that visitor and traffic surveys are underway.

Visitor use surveys are a planning tool used by forest managers and local, state, and national officials to better provide for the needs of the public. Public participation is essential to get an accurate account of the number of visitors, their recreational activities, and satisfaction with facilities and services. Therefore, visitors are asked to stop and talk with interviewers about their experience on the forest.

Surveys are voluntary and collect basic information about a visitor’s trip including areas visited, number of people in party, length of stay, and satisfaction…

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