Young Mormon Feminists

This blog post is the fifth section of a seven part essay called “Finding the Queer Christ in Mormonism.” I’ll be posting a new section of this essay every Monday for the next three Mondays until the entire essay is published. 

(You can read the first section of this essay here, the second here, the third here, and the fourth here).

adorationHost2 The Host (bread) of the Eucharist/communion/sacrament is in that icon and treated as if it was the Body of Christ among Catholics.

What I have tried to show is that the revelation of Jesus Christ is enough to affirm the equal status of the feminine principle with the masculine principle and to show that a fulfilled human being needs to integrate both principles and assume many roles.” 

Janice Allred, Mormon theologian (from “Jesus our Mother” in her book “God the Mother”)

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